Janskerkhof 26, 3512 BN, Utrecht

The Janskerk (St John’s Church) is a stunning old church dating back to the 11th century. In the Middle Ages, it was one of the city’s five collegiate churches which together formed a cluster in the shape of a cross.

After losing its function when the public practice of the Catholic faith was prohibited, and as the result of a tornado, the Janskerk increasingly fell into disrepair throughout the years. It was not until the 20th century that the church was finally restored.

The Janskerk provides a striking setting with the natural reverb of the church offering the music a certain grandeur and intensity. Within just a 10 minute walk from TivoliVredenburg, the Janskerk is a fine entry point in exploring what Le Guess Who? and the city of Utrecht have to offer.

Janskerk is also located near other festival venues like the Domkerk, Theater Kikker and Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.