Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul


Cultural appropriation, misogyny, racism, post-colonialism, and political correctness are not usually themes heard on the dancefloor; but Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul rebel by inviting them in. The Ghent-based duo, who broke out on the scene with their exquisite 2019 ‘Zandoli EP’, have returned to Soulwax’s DEEWEE label for their 2022 debut, ‘Topical Dancer’. In it, they again prove themselves to be rare tale-tellers in electronic music, funneling the zeitgeist into playful synth concoctions. They dodge condescension - instead, their knowledge is brought to the forefront of their music with a sly, knowing wink.

Photography by Camille Vivier

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