LGW Embassy: Utrecht, The Netherlands - hosted by U?

LGW Embassy: Utrecht, The Netherlands - hosted by U?


U? is Le Guess Who? participatory and freely accessible day program created for and with the city of Utrecht. During U?, programs are made with, or even fully by, local initiatives, entrepreneurs, social institutions and community centers. With U?, Le Guess Who? further promotes its festival mission throughout the city of Utrecht: presenting music and culture that has the power to enrich lives. 

During COSMOS, U? will collaborate with local radio platform Stranded FM and TivoliVredenburg’s hybrid Studio Pandora for various DJ’s and live acts. Furthermore, our Utrecht Embassy will feature a.o. a panel talk about ‘The Appearance and Disappearance of Culture in Utrecht’; BOKS JongerenCultuurhuis, one of Utrecht’s newest Cultural Breeding Grounds, explains how they try to instigate motivation and art in their neighborhood; and Bert, owner of Utrecht’s Dig It! Recordstore will take you on a journey with stories about Le Guess Who? and how the city transforms during those four days in November. To top it off, our Le Guess Who? promoters will present a special DJ-set featuring music from the 2022 festival edition.

Photography by Melanie Marsman

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