LGW & Basilica Hudson announce return of 24-HOUR DRONE; initial program revealed

LGW & Basilica Hudson announce return of 24-HOUR DRONE; initial program revealed

Tue Mar 3rd
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For the sixth consecutive year, Le Guess Who? and Basilica Hudson present the all-encompassing and immersive 24-HOUR DRONE: EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND & MUSIC in Hudson, NY, taking place Saturday, April 25 - Sunday, April 26, 2020. Tickets are available now

An experimental music and sound program, 24-HOUR DRONE features musicians and sound artists experimenting with sustained tones, creating a full twenty-four hours of unbroken sound, and invites attendees to escape the tight hands of time in a long-form, endurance homage to sound. Previous editions of the event also took place in Manchester in UK, Malmo and Stockholm in Sweden, Utrecht in Netherlands, Winnipeg in Canada and Husavik in Iceland.

Basilica Hudson's Melissa Auf der Maur:

“The idea for 24-HOUR DRONE was sparked years ago during a late-night New Years Eve conversation in Hudson, New York between us and our Dutch houseguest, Le Guess Who? music festival organizer Bob van Heur. On that cold winter night, we gazed at the 1880s industrial factory from our balcony, and it called to us: “24 hours of sound please!” The drone dream was our first impression of and first intention for Basilica, where we began our art and community programs in 2010. In 2014 the dream was realized, and 24-HOUR DRONE was born.”

Initial program revealed

Sound without bounds is at the heart of the 24-HOUR DRONE programming, with ancient, traditional and under-represented instrumentation heavily explored, and 2020’s bill is no different, with artistry from throat-singing to theremin, from gongs to guitars, and from brass to glass percussion.

At each installment of 24-HOUR DRONE, organisers put out an open call for submissions, often leading to some of the most vibrant and far-reaching projects presented at the event. 2020 is no different, with the Red Thread #1 vocal choir, Samer Ghadry’s gong orchestra, Alex Butterfield’s throat singing, Infrasubcontra’s late night deep brass duo, and more amongst the first announcements. Drone ensemble Golden Clover will perform a set based in the minimalist and drone traditions of Tony Conrad, John Cale, La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. Sophia Shen’s Nocturnes will present a series of immersive texture pieces inspired by the night and composed using found sounds, modular synthesizer and digital sound processing.

2020’s 24-HOUR DRONE will also feature Malmö, Sweden rock duo Solar, presented by Lumen Project. Gesture of Friendship: 100 years of the Theremin is a special collaborative performance to commemorate the centennial of the theremin and celebrate its unique history and impact. DRONE alumni January Hunt and Octonomy will return, performing a set of new collaborative work as the sun rises over the Hudson Valley. A uthor and improvising text-sound artist IONE will also return to Basilica to close out 24-HOUR DRONE with a heart chant in the spirit of her creative partner and spouse of 30 years, Pauline Oliveros.

More artists and collaborators are to be announced. Attend the event on Facebook here


Tickets for 24-HOUR DRONE 2020 are available now at Basilica Hudson’s website, priced from $48 for the full 24 hours.

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