Watch Low's weekly Instagram livestream 'It's Friday I'm in Low'

Watch Low's weekly Instagram livestream 'It's Friday I'm in Low'

Mon Dec 21st
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Acclaimed Duluth trio Low can be traced back to 1983, when guitarist Alan Sparhawk and bassist John Nichols recruited Sparhawk’s wife Mimi Parker as a drummer to create minimalist, downtempo arrangements – breaking from the post-punk revival popular in Duluth at the time.

Exploring the musical edges of dark and light, they have released twelve albums ever since and they have let their signature sound come to fruition. Due to the lockdown, last April they launched their new livestream format 'It's Friday I'm in Low', in which they perform a selection of songs from their oeuvre every week on Instagram.

You can watch all broadcasts part of the 'Friday I'm in Low' series below, including the most recent holiday special featuring Christmas (or at least Christmas-like) songs.

"With their gifts for gorgeous harmonies and deep moods, Low are fearless in their exploration and masterfully consistent in their vision" - Pitchfork

Low will perform at Le Guess Who? 2021. Also performing at the festival are a.o. Alabaster dePlume, Kiko Dinucci, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Damon Locks’ Black Monument Ensemble, Black Country New Road and many more.

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