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About Utrecht

How to describe the city of Utrecht in just a couple of words? Well, these are the descriptions our audience used in our visitors survey: beautiful, compact, cozy, friendly and multicultural.

“Just twenty minutes by train from Amsterdam, Utrecht has long been overlooked by tourists, who are content to elbow their way through Amsterdam’s crowded streets. All the better for Utrecht, a smaller college town that’s been mastering the art of civilization since its founding around 50 B.C. The annual Le Guess Who? music festival is helping to change that by sending ardent music fans running through the city’s streets on a treasure hunt to unearth musical gems tucked away across the tiny town.” – Flood Magazine

Utrecht, The Netherlands’ fourth largest city, is a very lively and hospitable place. Built around the centuries-old Dom Tower, the city center is branched by many picturesque canals, some with extraordinary wharf cellars that house shops, cafés, restaurants, and bars along the water. Add to that the charm of the many merchants’ houses, courts scattered throughout the city, and the ancient next to modern architecture, and you start to have an idea of what brings so much charm to this city.

Being one of the Netherlands' oldest cities makes Utrecht a stunning setting for a city festival like Le Guess Who?. Its compact, medieval city center also makes it very easy to get around and explore, as most of the festival venues are within walking distance. If you really want the local experience though, and be able to move even quicker between venues, we advise to rent a bike.

“Le Guess Who? effectively transforms Utrecht into a weekend-long musical playground and encourages visitors to explore the city’s wider cultural landscape.” – The Culture Trip

The fact that Utrecht is often described as a town by visitors, pretty much says it all. It’s a city with a welcoming atmosphere and the cozy feel of a small town. Being a university town, home to many young entrepreneurs, Utrecht is also a very liberal and multicultural place.

Ready to explore Utrecht a little further? More tourist information can be found here.

Photography: Jurjen Drenth; Juri Hiensch; Ramon Mosterd.