Le Mini Who?

Le Mini Who?

Satellite Events

Le Mini Who? is a spin-off festival of Le Guess Who?. It turns venues, cafes, art spaces and even a fire station of the fast-developing and creative area Cartesius into improvised venues for (mainly) Dutch underground acts to play. Come and catch a set by one of the unknown and talented bands, discover this part of Utrecht and enjoy poetry, performances and fine arts.

For its 11th edition on Sunday 10 November 2019, Le Mini Who? settles in the Cartesius area, located in the northwest of Utrecht. Furthermore, the upcoming years will see Le Mini Who? focusing on broadening its substantive vision, by covering a wider range of genres and art disciplines such as visual arts and poetry. With its edgy industrial vibe and the various new cultural initiatives popping up, Cartesius seamlessly connects to that mission.

For more information including line up and time schedule, visit the Le Mini Who? page

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