Omri Ziegele, Ernst Glerum & Han Bennink

Omri Ziegele, Ernst Glerum & Han Bennink

Curated by Han Bennink

Friday 21:10 - 21:45

The Israel-born, Switzerland-based Omri Ziegele is a self-taught alt sax player, honing his skills in London and at Boston's Berklee College of Music. Ziegele has performed in theatre and with the circus, and formed the unorthodox improv trio Noisy Minority. Instant Composers Pool-member Ernst Glerum's speciality is his unique, free-thinking take on the double-bass, but he's also been a renowned composer and piano player in various ensembles. All three musicians are true musical eccentrics, emphasizing spontaneity, brisk noise explorations and having a good laugh along the way.