Infectious Grooves: our biweekly updated playlist with current inspirations

Infectious Grooves: our biweekly updated playlist with current inspirations

Fri Apr 2nd
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Infectious Grooves is a playlist with musical inspirations from all across the globe, both new and old. Infectious Grooves will appear biweekly and you can subscribe/like here on Spotify to automatically access the updated playlist. 

We encourage you to support artists featured in this playlist directly by buying their music, for instance on Bandcamp via Buy Music Club.

Infectious Grooves #34 features a.o. the classic Venezuelan cumbia track 'Santo Domingo' by Mario y sus Diamantes, led by Hammond organist Mario Carniello; Manslaughter 777, the new collaboration of drummer and percussionist Lee Buford and drummer Zac Jones, in which they blend rhythmic-centric forms from dub, breakbeats and hip-hop; 'Silk Road: Journey of the Armenian Diaspora (1971-1982)', a compilation of Armenian disco, funk and soul songs that were made a generation after the Armenian Genocide, a testament to perseverance; Los Angeles’ mystifying musical ensemble Monde UFO, who create a distinct musical universe held together by the gravities of extraterrestrial psych folk, ambient New Age, Don Cherry’s worldly jazz, and the simplicity and innocence of primitive cassette rock from the early 1980s; the celestial all-star collaboration between saxophonist Pharoah Sanders, producer Floating Points and the London Symphony Orchestra, "a clear late-career masterpiece" in the words of Pitchfork; Northern Irish artist, composer, producer and broadcaster Hannah Peel, often inspired by the connections between science and music; a collaboration between São Paulo-based reggae singer Nina Girassóis and French dub and experimental reggae sound system O.B.F. (Original Bass Foundation); Portuguese cutting-edge producer DJ Lycox, who laces elements from kuduro, batida and tarraxhina into a nimble sound that sits somewhere between the physicality of a live band and a vivid, vibey dreamscape; the pioneering Colombian musician Abelardo Carbono, who has become the godfather of the champeta since the early 1980s; Tokyo-based ambient musician and mastering engineer Chihei Hatakeyama, who creates chiming, shimmering soundscapes with acoustic instruments and laptop processing; and many more.

Stream the full playlist below. You can also listen via Deezer and Spotify. Older playlists are archived in our Spotify account here.

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